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I find that I am better able to articulate on paper than in person, but I’m sure you’ll encounter a run on sentence or two. I’m long winded I guess.

I am a coffee loving, cat snuggling, baby wearing book-a-holic.
After retiring from a decade long career in the hair and make-up industry to stay home with my babies, everyone (meaning my husband) thought it was high time for me to get a hobby that did not involve my kids. Having always been a voracious reader and devouring books at a breakneck speed, joining the bookish and blogging community seemed like a natural next step. I love giving recommendations to friends and family and then very gently (and not forcefully at all) asking for their opinions after they complete each chapter.
My reviews tend to be goofy, a little sweary, on the more impassioned side and maybe sometimes a little self deprecating.
I enjoy reading almost every genre, including (but not limited to) literary fiction, rom-com, contemporary, LGBTQ+, fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, sci-fi, gothic and dark romance or basically any book that will make me cry.

My goal is to use this space so that I can continue to enjoy the stories that I’ve read even after I’ve shut the book- and maybe inspire someone else to pick it up once I’m done.

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